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This exclusive NFT collection offers a truly unique experience and acts as an enticing reward mechanism, designed to increase platform engagement and user participation.


Gain privileged access to projects that are under development within the ecosystem, well before they are made available to the general public.


Hotmania Labs provides professional consulting services to assist users in comprehending and fully maximizing the potential of the platform’s diverse range of innovative products and services.


Users can lock their tokens for a specific period and receive rewards based on their participation, you will be able to go on quest and upgrade your NFT level in the staking platform.


Users are rewarded with token airdrops and complimentary upgrades, serving as powerful incentives to encourage active participation and foster loyalty within the platform.


Each holder of a Xolos NFT will be able to obtain access to Betas of various multichain games where they will be able to participate in Tournaments, Farm Tokens airdrop, Mysterys box and NFT’s.


Hotmania Labs proudly curates a diverse range of events, spanning from educational seminars to altruistic initiatives and entertaining activities.


Token holders are able to engage in a variety of platform activities, earning valuable rewards and cryptocurrency.


The platform features an exclusive investment club, designed to assist users in investing in promising and potentially profitable blockchain ventures.