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Mint Funds Allocation
Web3 Development

Hotmania Labs 

Technology: 11% for Web 3 provider partnerships, Web3 Events and business development.

Operations: 36% Owners, staff and all those that helped mint out the King Xolos NFT collection

Marketing : 3%

DeFi Strategies:
50% of the mint funds will be allocated for several conservative decentralized finance plays. Between 6 – 8% per month. Interest earned will be used for Gamification rewards and operating expenses.

Goals for How To Use The Interest To Benefit NFT Holders: (The following are variable estimates and are subject to the ups and downs of normal market activity) $15,000/per month – Airdropped to holders of the “Golden Temple NFTs” when staked with two King Xolos (this rate is variable but is projected to increase with future allocation) .

$15,000 In Crypto Token Value
Air Dropped To Holders Each Month



Revenue reward allocation for holders

Principle Allocated From Mint: 50% of Mint
Projected Daily Earnings (Per Golden Temple): $.22 – $.50/Per Day (possible growth with future earnings)

On day one, 2 Level 7 King Xolos NFTs staked with 1 Golden Temple will reward the holder with 12 $XOLO/Day + $.22-$.50/Day Paid in $XGOLD token (variable distribution). The earning rate of the $XOLO will remain the same.

$Xolo: The primary King Xolos utility token. Every Level 7 or higher OG King XOLO NFT earns 6.00 $Xolo/day

$XGOLD: The 2nd King XOLO utility token only earned by staking 2 OG Level 7 King Xolos with 1 Golden Temple