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One of the partners of King Xolo comes from a family that owns a Casino business that has been in operation since 1984. Their family currently owns a 100+ location Casino chain throughout Mexico. In addition he is the co-founder of the Club Tijuana Xolos soccer team that calls Caliente Stadium home; where soccer games, concerts, boxing matches, Web3 events and many other events are hosted each year!

The other founding partner of King Xolo comes from a family in the big boating fishing industry since the 1970s, with a constant growth in exports to all over the world. Whose family is also involved in real estate, tourism with hotels, and he also has a role event sport production. With multi-generational experience in the hospitality industry his family understands what is needed to maintain and grow a large business with many interdependent roles/functions.

And now both partners have turned their focus to exploring the new frontier of Web3 and NFT (Digital Collectables), where they can put into practice new innovation for what is possible to grow traditional business, sports teams and Web2 through Web3 technologies and strategy.

King Xolo NFT Collection Will Leverage The
Strength of The Founder's Web2 Businesses
For Web3 Expansion

Collection Supply: 8.888 Quantity

Mint Price: 1.5 SOL