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Phase 01


● Art design and development.
●​ King Xolos Locker Room official website launch.
● Creation of Discord Server and Twitter accounts to foster a sense of community.
● Script creation & configuration to generate unique and limited NFT art pieces.
● Xolo fan exclusive NFT presale, whitelist, and public mint.

Phase 02


● Project kickoff & King Xolo Locker Room NFT collection Launch.
●​ Upcoming events and collaborations with like-minded projects.
● Onboarding strategies to promote local adoption of our NFTs.
● Increasing community participation through exclusive web3 events for local holders.
● Local holders benefit program is now officially operational.
● Web 3 events for local holders.
● Whitepaper Release.

Phase 03


● Creation of new and innovative NFT collections that push the boundaries of what's possible within the blockchain space.
●​ Our top priority is to maintain a robust and sustainable NFT economy, and we are committed to implementing strategies and initiatives that support the long-term growth and success of our project.
● Entry into operation of the NFTs Staking protocol.
● We are pleased to announce the launch of our Investment Club, tokenization, and crowdfunding initiatives, which provide exciting opportunities for our community members to support and participate in the growth of our project.

Phase 04


● Design and development phase of our iGaming platform.
●​ Exclusive XOLO’s merchandise marketplace, which enables the seamless exchange of Xolo coins, a unique product of our NFT staking program.
● Web3 events for our global NFT holders.
● New and exclusive perks for our NFT holders throughout the entire Xolo ecosystem.