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Based on the thesis that NFT holders want to “have fun and gain on their crypto” for remaining a holder of an NFT; King Xolos NFT collection will integrate a ver unique tokenomics & gamification system that wil bring joy to the holder and value to the entire collection! This unique innovative approach rewards the holders that engage in the King Xolos NFT project by allowing them to unlock rev rewards for that engagement.
With Chapter based Lore that ties seamlessly into the King Xolos NFT project’s Staking and “Questing Platforms, holders “play to earn” by going on quests with their NFTs. And as they complete quests, the advance in levels.

Two Level 6 King Xolo NFTs are required to
mint each Golden Temple

Once you have gone on enough expeditions to achieve Level 6 NFT, you will unlock the “Golden Temple Quest”. Each King Xolo that completes this Level 6 quest will be awarded 1 Mint Token.

To mint one Golden Temple requires 2 Mint Tokens + 1 Sol, hence you will need to level up two King Xolo NFTs to Level 6 and go on the level 6 quest with both in order to mint 1 Temple.

Not all King Xolo NFTs need to go on expeditions. Just the ones you want to achieve higher Levels. All Xolo NFTS earn $XOLO. Earn enough $XOLO from all your King Xolos to send your chosen King Xolos on quests in order to level up your chosen Xolos that will mint your Temples.

King XOLO NFTs & Golden Temple Staking

King XOLO NFTs are staked to earn $Xolo token. The amount of $Xolo token starts at 3 $Xolo/day and increases by 10% – 15% as the NFT advances in levels.

Each Golden Temple earns a passive rev reward from the total amount airdropped from the treasury once a month. This passive rev reward is distributed in the $XGOLD token. The $XGOLD utility token is created as an emissions token to trade on the King Xolos proprietary token swap for $USDC.

2 Level 7 King Xolo
NFTs & Golden Temple

12 $XOLO/Day

Paid in $XGOLD
(Variable Rev