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King Xolo on Solana

Hotmania Labs takes great pride in introducing the King Xolo Locker Room Collection by Xolos NFT. This remarkable collection seamlessly combines sports, history, gaming, blockchain, digital art, marketplaces, and the world of NFT and Web3 to create an entirely new frontier of business, entertainment, and a play-to- earn dynamic, ripe with adventure and endless possibilities. Our ultimate goal is to empower users within the world of blockchain-encrypted universes, providing them with access to top-tier experiences that are both innovative and unparalleled.


King Xolo Locker Room Collection by Xolos NFT seamlessly combines NFT gamification, decentralized finance, digital art through the world of Web3 to create an entirely new frontier of business, entertainment, and a play-to-earn dynamic; ripe with adventure and endless possibilities. Our ultimate goal is to empower holders within the King Xolo universe with access to top-tier play-to-earn experiences that offer groundbreaking innovations for what is possible for NFT technology.


Many centuries ago, the Xolos, hailing from the demigod Xolotl, descended upon Earth as a highly advanced civilization. Their vast knowledge, rich culture, customs, and skills were generously shared with humanity, leading to the development and flourishing of sports and entertainment throughout the ages. Today, we bring forth the emergence of 8888 King Xolos, who will be brought to life through a metaphysical quantum realm within the metaverse, with the Locker Room at Caliente Stadium serving as the portal to this incredible world.


As a leading professional first division soccer team in Mexico, we proudly represent Tijuana and its surrounding territories. However, our reach will soon expand beyond borders and into the infinite worlds of Web3. Our latest offering is an exhilarating collection that artfully merges the iconic Xolos de Tijuana football team with the mystical history of the Xoloitzcuintle, all within the revolutionary world of Web3. This unique collection showcases one-of-a-kind artwork and a limited quantity of 8888 NFTs, ensuring its exclusivity and desirability for both sports enthusiasts and collectors alike.


Based on the thesis that NFT holders want to “have fun and gain on their crypto” for remaining a holder of an NFT; King Xolos NFT collection will integrate a ver unique tokenomics & gamification system that wil bring joy to the holder and value to the entire collection! This unique innovative approach rewards the holders that engage in the King Xolos NFT project by allowing them to unlock rev rewards for that engagement.
With Chapter based Lore that ties seamlessly into the King Xolos NFT project’s Staking and “Questing Platforms, holders “play to earn” by going on quests with their NFTs. And as they complete quests, the advance in levels.


Mint Funds Allocation
Web3 Development

Use: KXLR will allocate funds for Web 3 provider partnerships, Events and business initiatives to raise awareness and promote use of Web3 in the Mexican market

Operations: Owners, staff and all those that helped mint out the King Xolos NFT collection

DeFi Strategies:
Mint funds will be allocated for several conservative decentralized finance plays and will be used for Gamification rewards and operating expenses.

King Xolo Locker Room Collection







This exclusive NFT collection offers a truly unique experience and acts as an enticing reward mechanism, designed to increase platform engagement and user participation.


Gain privileged access to projects that are under development within the ecosystem, well before they are made available to the general public.


Hotmania Labs provides professional consulting services to assist users in comprehending and fully maximizing the potential of the platform’s diverse range of innovative products and services.


Users can lock their tokens for a specific period and receive rewards based on their participation, you will be able to go on quest and upgrade your NFT level in the staking platform.


Users are rewarded with token airdrops and complimentary upgrades, serving as powerful incentives to encourage active participation and foster loyalty within the platform.


Each holder of a Xolos NFT will be able to obtain access to Betas of various multichain games where they will be able to participate in Tournaments, Farm Tokens airdrop, Mysterys box and NFT’s.


Hotmania Labs proudly curates a diverse range of events, spanning from educational seminars to altruistic initiatives and entertaining activities.


Token holders are able to engage in a variety of platform activities, earning valuable rewards and cryptocurrency.


The platform features an exclusive investment club, designed to assist users in investing in promising and potentially profitable blockchain ventures.


Hotmania Labs proudly curates a diverse range of events, spanning from educational seminars to altruistic initiatives and entertaining activities.


Phase 01


● Art design and development.
●​ King Xolos Locker Room official website launch.
● Creation of Discord Server and Twitter accounts to foster a sense of community.
● Script creation & configuration to generate unique and limited NFT art pieces.
● Xolo fan exclusive NFT presale, whitelist, and public mint.

Phase 02


● Project kickoff & King Xolo Locker Room NFT collection Launch.
●​ Upcoming events and collaborations with like-minded projects.
● Onboarding strategies to promote local adoption of our NFTs.
● Increasing community participation through exclusive web3 events for local holders.
● Local holders benefit program is now officially operational.
● Web 3 events for local holders.
● Whitepaper Release.

Phase 03


● Creation of new and innovative NFT collections that push the boundaries of what's possible within the blockchain space.
●​ Our top priority is to maintain a robust and sustainable NFT economy, and we are committed to implementing strategies and initiatives that support the long-term growth and success of our project.
● Entry into operation of the NFTs Staking protocol.
● We are pleased to announce the launch of our Investment Club, tokenization, and crowdfunding initiatives, which provide exciting opportunities for our community members to support and participate in the growth of our project.

Phase 04


● Design and development phase of our iGaming platform.
●​ Exclusive XOLO’s merchandise marketplace, which enables the seamless exchange of Xolo coins, a unique product of our NFT staking program.
● Web3 events for our global NFT holders.
● New and exclusive perks for our NFT holders throughout the entire Xolo ecosystem.

King Xolo Locker Room Crew

CEO and Co-Founder of Xolos de Tijuana, Xolos NFT and Hotmania Labs.

Gog has worked 15 years in professional sports in charge of Business Development, Growth and Strategy. As Xolos Executive VP he has experience in creating global revenue, performance and company growth strategies.

Now in Hotmania Labs as CEO he will oversee global revenue, budget, performance, strategy, branding, lore and art, web 3, studio, metaverse, igaming and more.


Co-Founder and CFO of Xolos NFT and Hotmania Labs.

GI lead the financial strategy and the development of innovative technology projects. Expert in creating financial models, process optimization and establishing strategic alliances. Committed to long-term success and value creation in the NFT industry. Open to collaboration opportunities and business partnerships.


He has extensive experience in project management and supervision. He is an expert in coordinating cross-functional teams for the development, launch and effective management of blockchain-based projects. Committed to successful delivery through strategic planning and meticulous focus on details. 

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